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I am an English conversation teacher with over 15 years of experience and this is what I can do for you!

Why choose My JSE Online?

Over 15 years teaching Japanese Clients

With my 5 years working at a large language school and my last 10 years teaching English in my home. I can help you improve your English conversational skills

No need to buy 10 lessons in advance

You just pay as you go one lesson at a time.

No software to install for PC/Mac

You don't need to install Skype or Zoom. We use 24 Sessions to make it easy to do a video chat or audio chat. If you use a mobile device there is an easy App that you install.

No upfront fees

There is no sign up fee like some websites require.

Attention Junior High School and High School Students!

The college entrance examination will change in 2020 for Japanese students who are currently in 1st year high school as of 2018. The College Admission Common Test will start using external qualifications and certification examinations (TOEIC, TEAP, Eiken, IELTS, Cambridge Eiken, TOEFL and GTEC) to measure four English skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Let’s learn with Jim Sensei in order to improve these four skills.

Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020!

TOKYO Olympics is on Friday, July 23, 2021, 8:00PM!!!


The Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo soon. You can brush up on your English. Many people from around the world will be visiting Japan and many of them speak English. So get help with English Conversation with Jim today.

Learn English conversation on-the-go or at home

Engage in a live one-to-one lesson with a native English speaker from America.

Pick a date and time that is convenient for you


Contact me today!

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Contact me today!

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