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Jim English Teacher From Japan, Online English Teacher

Hello I’m Jim. I am from Portland, Oregon in the U.S. I have a four year degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism. I worked for FEN (Far East Network) in the early 1990s as a reporter and newscaster. Today it is called AFN (American Forces Network). I came to Japan in 2003, with my family. After working with one of the largest language schools at that time, I decided that I would start my own teaching program. Thus taking my experience and using the best program parts of the company that I had worked for while adding my own best practices to develop my own language school. Well after more than 10 years of successfully teaching English out of my own language school, I have decided to branch out to online language learning. I’m still maintaining my on-site English language school as well. With my comprehensive website called My JSE (Jim’s Super Eikaiwa) Online, I feel I can help more people who might not live in the Okegawa area with their English language skills. 

“I get pumped when someone has a wakkata moment or as we say in English when the light bulb comes on when someone learns something new or gets it when they didn’t before.”

I want to help you with your English goals. Whether that be a short- term project, such as a speech contest. Where you have the speech already written but you want to practice it with a native speaker who can help you with natural English, so you can do your best. To someone who is wanting to take a lesson with a book each week. To someone who just wants to chat with a native speaker. I can help you with those things and more. If you are ready to take your English to the next level book me today. Thanks for visiting my website.  

My hometown

Downtown Portland, Oregon in Old Town.

Downtown Portland

Night View of skyline of Portland, Oregon.

The mountain

Mt. Hood (looks a little like Mt. Fuji) in Oregon.

At the beach

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon.